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Is your body piercing jewelry internally or externally threaded?

All of our other styles are externally threaded. Externally threaded body jewelry is stronger. Externally threaded body jewelry has threads on the bar. Internally threaded body jewelry does not have any threads on the outside of the bar the threads are in the ball. Because the threads are on the inside, it does less damage to a piercing when the jewelry is being changed. Each type of threading has its advantages. If you require an internally threaded bar we can create one upon request.




What is the standard stem size?

The standard stem size is 3/8 inch which is 9.5mm. Please refer to the size chart for additional information.




How do I measure my stem size?

There are a number of ways you can measure your stem size. Here are a few suggestions:
a. If you can remove the ring, carefully take the ring out and obtain a piece of string (i.e sewing thread). If you have a "barbell" style belly ring, measure the inside of the bar from ball to ball with the piece of string, note the length of the string and use a ruler to measure this length. If you have a "ring" style belly ring, only measure the stem portion that is inserted in your belly button using the same method explained above.
b. If you do not wish to or cannot remove your belly ring, go to your local piercing salon.




What is the standard gauge size?

The standard gauge is 14. Please refer to the size chart.




When can I change my ring?

It is best to consult a piercing professional to avoid any damage to the piercing.




How do I change my ring?

First of all, be sure to sterilize the jewelry with rubbing alcohol. If you have a captive ring or one that you do not wish to remove on your own, go to your local piercing salon. If you have a reversed style belly ring, insert the belly ring from the top. If you have a standard barbell belly ring, insert the belly ring from the bottom.




Do I have to be present at the time of delivery?

Every package we send ships via FedEx; however, a package can not be delivered to a PO BOX. A direct signature is required for the delivery unless we are notified otherwise. If you wish for your package to be delivered without a signature, please send an email to at the time of your order specifying that you are allowing the release of the package without a signature. BellyBella will not be held responsible for the lost of stolen packages that are delivered without a signature.




When should I order platinum versus white gold?

Platinum should be ordered if you have a known allergy or personal preference.




How do I place a custom order?

You may contact us at with your request. If you wish to send BellyBella stones or a design to mock, contact us at 888-804- 3304 and a sales representative will gladly assist you.




Where should I go to get pierced?

Chose a search engine, for example Google, and search for body jewelry businesses. Visit each one that you find near you and select the location you feel is the cleanest and most reputable. If you do not wish to have your piercing done at a body piercing business, you may also consult with a plastic surgeon.



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